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Temecula Real Estate

Temecula Real Estate

The City of Temecula, California

The geography of southern California creates the unique weather of Temecula which has played a major role in the development of the wine industry. Cool Pacific air is drawn inland to the Temecula Valley, where it moderates the temperature and provides early morning moisture to the vineyards. Combined with the sunny and warm days, the region has the ideal climate for the cultivation of grapes. In recent years, the spiraling home prices on the California coast has spurred a rush to Temecula. The city has grown dramatically since 2000, with the population increasing from 60,000 to almost 100,000.

Homes in Temecula, CA

The average price of homes for sale in Temecula is $450,000, less than the California average. Many military families from the nearby bases of Miramar, Camp Pendleton and the Navy bases in San Diego make their homes in Temecula, as well as commuters from Los Angeles. The relatively low prices of Temecula real estate are proving attractive to Californians who work on the coast, but cannot afford the housing. Small single family homes in Temecula can be found for under $300,000.

Murrieta offers home buyers the chance to move into a 1200 to 1300 square foot condominium for less than $250,000. Single level homes for sale in Murrieta enter the market just under $300,000. Murrieta is north of Temecula centered along the Temecula Valley Freeway, and is a short drive from the Rancho Springs Medical Center, the Alta Murrieta Sports Park and the SCGA golf course.

Temecula is surrounded by golf courses. The Temecula Creek Inn and Golf Resort, Redhawk Golf Club, and the Temeku Hills Golf and Country Club are just a few of the courses found within a short drive of downtown Temecula. Careful appraisal of the real estate listings can reveal 3000 square foot homes with great locations for less than $500,000.

Temecula, CA Schools

The Temecula Unified School District is one of Southern California's leading school systems. Temecula elementary students take part in a district-wide college awareness program, which re-inforces the district's message that all children are able to attend college. In the program, each class of elementary students selected a university and researched the history and traditions of the school. Temecula also boasts the Professional Golfers Career College, a national school devoted to the golfing industry.

Temecula Business Overview

Vineyards dot the countryside around Temecula, California. Winery tours add almost half a billion dollars annually to the city's economy. Golf is another tourist draw, with nine courses to choose from. The Pechanga Casino, Professional Hospital Supply and the Channell Commercial Corporation are some of the major employers in Temecula.

Temecula Real Estate Agents

A Temecula real estate agent enables a buyer to find the right property in less time. An intimate knowledge of the local market and current real estate listings gives a professional realtor the edge in selecting winning properties, an edge that is a definite advantage for the buyer.